Smart Education System – SES

Its a product launched by KSS for providing Digital Education from KG to PG standard. All care has been taken to map to our natural way of learning. Education can be given in any form like Text file, word, excel, power point presentation, audio lecture or video lecture.

  • Online Course: All subject specific notes and learning aids available online
  • Timetable: Structured way of learning things systematically
  • Library: Digital library can be created
  • Lecture cast: Stored video lectures students can re-play and learn again whenever needed
  • Converse: One on one interaction with just anyone
  • Assess: Self practice tests, or regular assessment both possible
  • Work Together: Small project assignments can be given or submitted online
  • Resources: Common place for all resources
  • Supports 14 different type of questions variety
  • Multi-lingual support:  ( Marathi, Hindi,English, Telagu,Tamil, Bangla .Etc. 100 languages supported)
  • Built-in feedback system.
  • Management view of whole institution etc.

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